FOCB’s Free Caring & Sharing Peer Support Group

senior man in glasses and red button down shirt
group of adults sit around a conference table eating
group of adults sit around a conference table eating

“Our goal is to watch our students lose their fear and become self-confident and independent individuals”, says Dr. Lou Criden, FOCB’s amazing support group founder and leader. The group meets at our center every Tuesday at 12 p.m. and people share anything and everything in a private, confidential setting.

Our group is an integral part of FOCB…and people’s lives… To be with others in the same situation of visual impairment or blindness and be in a safe, welcoming environment where they can share and learn new things.

Participants discuss problem-solving skills that help them develop a positive attitude and topics are on everything you can imagine. Stress, isolation, fears, accomplishments, traveling, new technology to help, living life normally, and so much more.

Dr. Lou has been with FOCB center for five years…first as a student, and now as volunteer leading our support group. A retired OBGYN, Louis has been visually challenged for nine years now. He was Medical Director for seven years of the Springfield branch of Crozer Chester Medical Center in Chesterfield, Pennsylvania. Additionally, Louis was a facilitator, leading groups for six years at the Faulk Center in Boca Raton, Florida. We are so blessed to have Lou as an important part of our FOCB family!