21st Anniversary Celebration & Open House: Florida Outreach Center for the Blind

DATE: Tuesday, April 23, 2024
TIME: 1PM to 4PM
LOCATION: 2315 South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, FL 33406
PHONE: 561-642-0005

Birthday Flyer

Come join us in celebrating our 21st birthday and our annual Open House! For over two decades, we have been helping the blind and visually impaired learn, grow, and reach new milestones!

Take a tour, meet our staff, students, and teachers, and learn all about the many ways we help. Joining us will be representatives from Palm Tran Connection and the Talking Books Library.

Through the skills learned at the center, individuals become more independent, enjoy a better quality of life, and are able to utilize community resources, pursue an education, and choose a career path.

Florida Outreach Center for the Blind, Inc. (FOCB) is a nonprofit organization/training facility where all of our programs are FREE to the blind and visually impaired. Classes/training are available in English, Spanish, Creole and French. A few of the things we offer:

  • Braille classes
  • Technology classes to learn computers, cell phones, apps, and assisted technology
  • Independent & daily living skills training, including cooking/using appliances, laundry, dealing with money, medications, and more.
  • Mobility training
  • Self-advocacy training
  • Peer & advisory support groups
  • Virtual & in-person WORKSHOPS
  • Arts & crafts classes
  • Monthly virtual BOOK CLUBS
  • Low vision, optical, & non-optical devices training
  • Outreach programs for seniors
  • A reading library with audible books
  • Leisure time activities & field trips
  • Kids Club for blind children & their families
  • Serving as a liaison between clients/students & other agencies
  • On-site store with visual aids
  • Equipment loan program