Palm Beach Museum of Natural History – May 2024

Tuesday, May 28, 2024:

Our FOCB field trip to the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History at the Wellington Mall was fantastic. What a hidden gem this place is! It has the only dinosaur skeletons in the state of Florida and we got to touch many fossils, large and small, from ribs, femurs, tibia and the different dinosaur bones, to sharks, dinosaur eggs and a Megaladon tooth the size of a hand.

Time flew as we listened to a fabulous 2-hour lecture by Rudy (owner-curator) and his staff, on the history of Florida and the amazing dinosaurs and creatures that were here (and the world) through the millennia. What a wonderful day it was being together for this great trip!

Go to the EAST entrance of the Mall at the Food Court. The Museum is straight ahead inside, next to the escalators on the first floor. Phone: 561-729-4246
Address: 10300 Forest Hill Blvd Suite 172, Wellington, FL 33414