Guest Guidelines

Important Guidelines

Please use the restrooms before you enter the dining room. If you must use the restroom during the meal, please raise your hand and the wait staff will guide you to the restroom outside of the ballroom.

To get to your table you will follow the person in front of you by placing your hand on their elbow and walking directly behind them.

To sit down, place one hand on the back of your chair. Raise your other hand up until you touch the edge of the table to see how close the chair is to the table. Pull your chair back and touch the seat of your chair with your other hand and sit down.

After sitting down, do not place your hands on top of the table. Instead, first find the edge of the table. Then, loosely curl your fingers. Move your hand gently forward while keeping contact with the table surface. This will let you explore what is at your place setting without knocking it over. If you wave your hand above the table you may spill your drink. However, spills are expected and towels are available if needed.

In order to maintain darkness during the dinner, please put your watch away and turn off your cell phone.

If you have never experienced total darkness, it is normal to feel uneasy at first. In the unlikely event that you feel a sense of panic, please inform your neighbors and take deep breaths. If it does not abate, stand at your place and the wait staff will escort you out of the ballroom.

Volunteers in the dining room will have flashlights in case of emergency. Please call out “Emergency” if an injury occurs. If you must have your cell phone on because you are ex-pecting an emergency call, let an FOCB representative know BEFORE you enter the dining area.