UZURV Workshop/Outreach Event at FOCB – June 2024

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, FOCB had a wonderful UZURV Outreach Event. Senior Director, Ron Brooks, and Client Success Manager, Rebecca Rodgers, joined our staff and students for lunch, an informal conversation and Q&A about UZURV and our partnership with Palm Tran Connection. Fantastic lecture and workshop! We learned a lot! Thank you to our friends at Palm Tran & UZURV!

“UZURV helps individuals, families, agencies, organizations, non-profits, and communities ensure everyone, no matter their mobility needs, has access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. Our integrated approach to mobility combines the power of technology and a network of fully FTA compliant drivers to drive better performance, savings, and service.”

For more information on UZURV and what they offer:

Phone: 602-616-1171