What to Expect

What is It?

The “Annual Dr. Thomas Hartig Dining in the Dark” is a unique event to increase awareness about blindness and raise funds for the local not-for-profit agency, Florida Outreach Center for the Blind (FOCB). This event honors Dr. Thomas Hartig who brought newspapers via the telephone to blind and visually-impaired persons across the country. He was an inspiration to us all. 

You experience food, drink and conversation as you may never have before while Dining In The Dark. Your remaining senses are enhanced to savor the smell, texture and taste of your meal. Your conversation becomes more intimate and interesting with those seated at your table. Your imagination is stimulated and you better understand what blind individuals encounter throughout their daily lives. 

How does Dining in the Dark work?

  1. CHECK in at the REGISTRATION TABLE. Complete the contact information at the registration table.
  2. FAMILIARIZE yourself with the GUEST GUIDELINES.
  3. ENJOY the reception with the CASH BAR and the SILENT AUCTION.
  4. GATHER with your group at the entrance to the Dining Room when your table number is called.
  5. RECEIVE a brief ORIENTATION on how to walk, sit and eat in the dark. No hot beverages will be served until the lights come up near the end of the dinner.
  6. Please put away all sources of light. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. Please be courteous and let others enjoy the DID experience.
  7. PROCEED in line to the “light lock” area with your group.
  8. FOLLOW your guide through the darkened ballroom to your table.